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Mr. Sun Yuanhui

Name: Sun Yuanhui Title: Head of corporate transaction sector Year of Practice: 12 Expertise: Corporate law Working Language: Mandarin, English

Mr. Sun graduated from Nanjing University Law School in 2012 with a doctor degree, focusing on the track of corporate law. Before his extraordinary doctor experience, he obtained a LLB degree in Southwest University of Science and Technology, a Bachelor of arts degree majoring in Economcis in Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, a LLM degree in Nanjing Normal University Law School. Now he is a lawyer of Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm and takes charge of the corporate transaction sector. He also lectures in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Business School, and is responsible for legal counselling office of the college. Invited by the municipal government of Nanjing, he serves as the supervisor of the administrative enforcement of law.



Mr. Sun has a unique working experience as a judge in the court, a lawyer in the firm and a professor in the college. He worked as a judge in the second civil court of Changzhou Intermediate People's Court, Jiangsu province during 2004-2009, focusing on civil and commercial trial. He went to Nanjing University Law School to further study the law as a doctor in 2009, and in the same year, he started practicing the law in Jiangsu Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm. He has been dealing with disputes regarding to corporate, contract, futures, factorings, trust investment, real estate transaction and contruction. 



Mr. Sun started teaching in Nanjing Xiaozhuang University Business School since 2012. He mainly teaches courses such as Economic Law, International Business Law, International Economic Law, The Rule of WTO, Administrative Law, Insurance Law, Labor Law, Management of Relationship with Clients, and has made a great academic achievement in such academic domains. 



Mr. Sun has published three academic works and many theses.The three academic works are The Secret of Stock Right: Research on judicial trial and risk prevention (published by China University of Politics and Law Press in Oct 2018, 285,000 characters),The Secret of Protecting Right: Capital credit theory and research on judicial trial (240 characters) as well as Management of Relationship with Clients, (published by Sichuan University Press in Jan 2018).One of the theses was published on Chinese Lawyers.  


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