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Mrs. Zhou Jing

Name: Zhou Jing; Years: 13; Working Language: Mandarin, English Specialize in: IP, corporate and compliance, capital market

Mrs. Zhou Jing graduated from Northumbria University with a LLM degree in International Business Law. In 2010, she obtained a judicial master degree in Nanjing University Law School. She started practicing law in 2008 and has acquried a 13-year experience since then. Now she works as a senior partner of Jiangsu Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm.


Mrs. Zhou has a unique professional experience. She was an outstanding hostess of Nanjing Broadcasting Group, hosting four programs which are Zhou Jing's Talk on Law, Criminal Archives, City News Forum, and Financial World. In 2013, she founded a in-house counsel group named "Lu he Fa". 


Mrs. Zhou actively participated in all kinds of legal activities.

In 2004, Mrs. Zhou's program Zhou Jing's Talk on Law was jointly run by Nanjing Intermediate People's Court and awarded as "Outstanding TV program" "Oustanding Broadcasting Program" by Nanjign Broadcasting Group. The fascinating program also drew the attention of CCTV.She also interviewed American veteran who had been fought in the battlefield of Irap in the same year, which triggered the discussion about the legitimacy of this war in China. 

In 2005, invited by American Bar Association (ABA), Mrs. Zhou went to Washington D.C. to attend Chinese Law Forum. In the same year, Zhou Jing's Talk on Law was responsible for the selection of "Top 10 Oustanding Judges in Nanjing".

In 2006, invited by American Bar Association (ABA) again, she went to Hawaii to attend Chinese Law Forum. Zhou Jing's Talk On Law made an extraordinary achievement once again, winning a provincial award issued by Jiangsu Legislative Affairs Office. Mrs.Zhou also went to Hong Kong to cummunicate with local lawyers there in the same year.

In 2008, invited by Thailand Tourism Bureau (TTB), Mrs. Zhou went to Thai to participate in "Plan to Revive Thailand Tourism Industry". Then she went to Europe to conduct a field investigation of the economic development in Euro zone.

In 2009, invited by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), Mrs. Zhou provided legal services regarding to Mainland China for the 31st "Top 10 Chinese Golden Melody Award Gala".

In 2010, Mrs. Zhou participated in the team of "Silk Road World Intangible Cultural Heritage", providing corresponding legal services. 

Since 2011, her in-house counsel group provided several legal service products until 2013. 


Mrs. Zhou also acquired the qualifications in auction industry and insurance industry. She specializes in Intellectual Property Law, Labor Law, Human Resource Management and Contract Law. Her team is good at providing legal services regarding to risk management and control, fianncing and investment.      

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