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Mr. Xu Guang

Name: Xu Guang Phone: 17712855901, 18912954905 Wechat: 17712855901 E-mail: seuxuguang1984@163.com Language: Mandarin, English Specialize in: corporate law, contract law, real estate, construction, criminal defense, M&A, etc.

Mr. Xu Guang obtained a master degree of comparative international law in Nanjing University. Then he went to Johns Hopkins University to study further in the field of law and obtained a degree of Master of Legal Studies. His researches mainly focused on the private law, American corporate law, comparative international law and IP law. He fulfilled a thesis in English titled The Application of the Doctrine of the Most Significant Relationship in China: Comparative Law Perspective. 


Mr. Xu is good at handling litigation and non-litigation legal issues. He specializes in the corporate finance, contract, real estate, construction, criminal defense, etc. During his career, he led a number of M&A and review and modification of contract, including the merger of a investment gruop in Hong Kong and a clothing company in Shanghai with a bidding of 120 million yuan, the review and modification of a contract regarding to the exploitation of coal mine in Central Asia between a state-run research institute and foreign government with a bidding of $88.50 million, and a contract review of provincial Personnel Testing Authority.  

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