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Mr. Liu Huiming

Name: Liu Huiming; Phone: 025-84699417; Fax: 025-84699133; E-mail: lawyerliu@vip.163.com; Career Years: 31; Language: Chinese, Japanese, English; Specialize in: Labor and employment, real estate and construction projects, civil and commercial litigation and arbitration

Education Background and Experience:


Mr. Liu graduated from Hohai University, majoring in engineering mechanics.Then he chose to study further in the field of law and graduated from Nanjing University with a LLB degree. During 1995 to 2001, Mr. Liu studied and worked in Japan, obtaining a LLM degree from law school of the prestigious Hitotsubashi University. During 2001-2002, he studied as a visiting scholar in California University, United States. After that, he continued further studies and obtained a degree of Doctor of Juridical Science in Nanjing University Law School. 


Mr. Liu Huiming is now the Managing Partner of Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm. He also serves as Vice Director of Foreign-Related Business Committee of Branch Society for Law Firms, which is directly under provincial Supervision, and serves in Jiangsu Law Society. In 1985, he taught in Hohai University as a lecturer and became professor a few years later while kept studying and teaching law. Since 1990, Mr. Liu obtained the qualification of lawyer and began practicing law in China. He also practiced law in Japan for two years and served as secretary-general of two Chinese student unions in Japan, which were the Society for Chinese Lawyers in Japan, and the Society for Students in Japan from Jiangsu Province. Now he is one of the few Chinese top lawyers who can speak fluent Japanese and understand Japanese law and culture well.


Mr. Liu has an oustanding academic background, top legal representation skills as well as proficient capability in foreign language. He has represented many multinational enterprises in both litigation and non-litigation issues (Eg. KFC, Honda, Nissan Motor, Sanyo Electric, Marubeni Corporation, Hitachi Metals, Mitsubishi Corporation, etc.) and now serves as the legal counsel of many famous multinational corporations, joint ventures, foreign-owned firms and local companies. (Eg. Sumitomo Chemical, Nikon Nanjing, Ricoh Corporation, Yokogawa Electric, Okamoto Socks, Hyosung Nantong, Ohji Rubber, Eisai Medicine, Paramount Bed, Anheusur-Busch Inbev, etc.)


Mr. Liu has published many academic theses, papers and works in both Chinese and Japanese. His academic works mainly focus on the topics of mortgages, bidding and tendering, real estate, labor law, torts and responsibility of directors, denial of personality of legal persons in Japanese corporate law, the doctrine of equity, and Japanese corporate law.


Mr. Liu also actively participates in pro bono legal activities. He took part in the compensation claims against Japanese government for the invasion and atrocity incurred by Japanese Army during the World War II, which now does make a progress. 

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