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Mrs. Cao Jiajia

Name: Cao Jiajia Phone: 13851463376 Fax: 025-84699417 E-mail: candy_zero@163.com Lawyer years: 8 Years Language: Mandarin, English Specialize in: civil Litigation & arbitration
Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration company and the regulatory capital market

Education and Experience: 

Mrs. Cao Jiajia achieved a LLB degree from Nanjing Normal University Law School. Then she went to University of Maryland to study further, and graduated with a degree of Master of Criminal Justice in 2007. She has worked in Zhongshan Mingjing since 2007, and now she is a senior partner and the legal counsel of a number of listed companies including Hong Kong South China Holdings Co., Ltd. She is good at providing legal services regarding to investment, corporate finance and M&A.

Specializes in: Civil and commercial litigation, arbitration of company and the regulatory capital market

Working language: Mandarin, English

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