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Jiangsu zhongshan mingjing young lawyer training program

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I. objectives:

In order to improve the professional skills and ethics of young lawyers, help and support the healthy growth of young lawyers, store reserves and backbone for law firms, and ensure the long-term development of jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm, this training program is formulated.

Ii. Definition of young lawyers

The young lawyers referred to in this scheme are paralegals who have practiced in jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm and full-time lawyers who have practiced for less than 2 years.

Iii. Cultivation method

A backbone lawyer (instructor) with a young lawyer, divided into business development and case handling.

Iv. Requirements for young lawyers

(I) respect teachers, be grateful and timely communicate with them when encountering problems.

(2) abide by the professional ethics and practice discipline of lawyers, and build and maintain the brand of jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm.

(3) to think actively, study diligently and ask questions, and consult guidance lawyers in time for difficult problems.

(4) make daily practice notes carefully, summarize lawyers' professional skills, and accumulate professional knowledge and practice experience.


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