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[warm congratulations] director liu huiming and three other lawyers of the firm have been appointed as the fifth arbitrator of nanjing arbitration commission.

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On the afternoon of October 25, 2017, the general meeting of the new term of office of nanjing arbitration commission was grandly held in the auditorium of municipal government organs.

Nanjing municipal committee and executive vice mayor liu to Ann for the fifth session of the chairman of the arbitration commission, and secretary-general, deputy director of the full-time Li Huaren southeast university law professor, PhD supervisor XiaoBing, BaoChen party secretary, director of the nanjing municipal government legislative affairs, deputy secretary of nanjing intermediate people's court, deputy dean Sun Daolin, deputy director of the new arbitration committee. In response to the changing economic situation, the number of arbitrators has doubled to 643.




The meeting was presided over by tang jianrong, deputy secretary-general of nanjing municipal government, and vice mayor liu yian made an important speech. Also present at the meeting were xu wei, deputy director of the legislative affairs office of the people's government of jiangsu province; wang junyue, deputy director of the judicial department of jiangsu province; li hua, full-time deputy director and secretary-general of the nanjing arbitration commission.

More than 130 arbitrator representatives and provincial and municipal department heads attended the general meeting. On behalf of the municipal government, vice mayor liu yian presented the appointment letter to the arbitrator representative of the fifth nanjing arbitration commission. Liu huiming, xu jun and MAO jixiao were appointed as the fifth arbitrator of nanjing arbitration commission.




  Juris doctor of ntu, lawyer liu huiming, director of zhong shan institute




  He hai professor xu jun lawyer


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