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Jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm and 20 other law firms have become jiangsu provincial contact points

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Recently, 20 law firms including jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm have been selected as the working contact points of the provincial department of justice and the provincial law association according to the relevant requirements of "the work plan of the competent authority for the change of the provincial direct law firm" issued by the department of justice of jiangsu province and the jiangsu lawyers association after research.

Each contact point will focus on the key work of the party committee of the provincial department of justice, and actively participate in the reform and development of the judicial administrative system and the lawyer industry of the province under the coordination of the provincial legal association. To complete the legal services assigned by the provincial party committee, provincial government and provincial departments under the unified arrangement of the provincial department of justice and the provincial legal association; Under the unified arrangement of the provincial department of justice and the provincial legal association, lawyers of 12348 legal network on site shall be provided, and they shall participate in public welfare legal services such as letters and visits involving laws and lawsuits, mediation, legal poverty alleviation and legal aid. To undertake the theoretical subject research and practical innovation exploration of provincial department of justice and provincial legal association.

It is understood that the law firm contact point two years of dynamic adjustment mechanism. Within the period, if the amount of work tasks increase, can be timely expansion. Within two years, if the law firm changes, the provincial department of justice, the provincial law association will be adjusted and supplemented according to the situation.

The secretariat of the provincial law association is responsible for the daily organization and coordination of contact points of law firms.


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