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Professor Borchers of Creighton university came to our exchange and visit

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On the morning of June 1, 2018, lawyer liu huiming, director of our institute, received the visiting group of Creighton university led by professor Borchers in the general office of jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm. Professor Borchers visited our institute and listened to the introduction of zhongshan mingjing by lawyer liu huiming. He commended the development achievements of our institute and hoped to carry out exchanges and cooperation in relevant fields.




Lawyer liu huiming welcomed the visit of several scholars, and said that zhongshan mingjing law firm is a comprehensive law firm in jiangsu province and even in China, and the exchange and cooperation with Creighton university is also the development need of our law firm.

Lawyer Chen fang, lawyer xu guang and lawyer CAI zeyuan from jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm also attended the exchange meeting.

After the meeting, our lawyer liu huiming, lawyer Chen fang, lawyer xu guang and lawyer CAI zeyuan took a group photo with professor Borchers




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