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Criminal Defense and Representation

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Criminal Defense and Representation


Zhongshan Mingjing has invited many jurists from prestigious universities of China and foreign countries to serve as special consultants, whose responsibility is to provide professional advice about difficult or controversial cases and meanwhile engage in the discussion of them. Those jurists are members of faculty from Nanjing University, Hohai University, Nanjing Medical University and Hitotsubashi University of Japan.


We have great sense of mission to push forward the Chinese judicial and legislative progress through our engagement in individual cases. With passion and professionalism, we have shown our great work ethics, practiced law in high standard, and achieved prominent effects. We have gained praises from our clients due to our satisfying services. 


We provide services as listed below:


○We provide criminal-risk prevention course and training for governmental organizations, enterprises, social organizations to prevent their staff, employees or personnels from getting involved in any criminal cases or being prosecuted.


○When the case is being investigated, we provide assistance for the suspect. We will meet the suspect, collect information about the charges and other relevant issues, provide legal opinion and consulting, apply for bail, and file any appeal or report for the suspect, if we are entrusted by him or his family.


○When the case is sent to the procuratorate to determine whether the suspect is to be sued, we will copy or review relevant documents, communicate and meet with the suspect, collect relevant evidence, and provide professional opinions to the procuratorate.


○When the case gets into the criminal defense during the trial, we will communicate with the defendant, collect relevant information and evidence, participate in the court trials representing the defendant and providing defense opinions.


○When the defendants are sentenced to death, we will communicate with the defendants, file appeals to the Supreme Court, and provide legal opinions focused on the innocence of defendant or any reason based on which there should not be a death sentence and therefore the death penalty should not be approved by the Supreme Court.


○When the representing defendant to file claims for a retrial, we will draft the file and the statements of claim for the claimant, apply for a retrial, and represent the defendant to conduct criminal defense in the retrial.


○When our clients are the victims, we will represent the victims to raise charges against the offender in the private prosecution cases as well as public prosecution cases, and will represent the victims or their family in the civil cases related to the injuries or damages caused by the alleged crimes.

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