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Civil Litigation & Arbitration

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Civil Litigation & Arbitration


Civil litigation and arbitration is one of the key elements of traditional scope of our transactions. Our lawyers dealing with civil and commercial lawsuits majorly graduated from prestigious law schools with LLB or LLM degree. Some of them have obtained a doctor degree. 


Our civil litigation lawyers comprise several professional teams which get engaged in theoretical studies and practice of cases of certain fields in order to provide high quality litigation services for the clients with professionalism and efficient team work. The team includes professors teaching corporate law in colleges, ex-arbitrators for international trade committee, those who used to work in foreign countries as lawyers with overseas educational background, and those who gained their senior reputations because of their long-term service and practice in the field of corporate law.


Our lawyers provide comprehensive litigation and non-litigation services as listed below: 


○ Family Disputes: disputes related to Divorce, Partition, Inheritance, Maintenance, Custody, etc.


○ Contractual Disputes: disputes related to contracts about Sales of Goods, Loans, Guarantee, Leases, Contracted Responsibility, Construction, Sales of Real Estate, and Partnership Agreements;


○ Property Disputes: disputes related to Confirmation of Property Rights, Ownership of Property, Security Rights, and Usufructuary Rights;


○ Intellectual Property Rights Disputes: disputes related to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks, Infringement of IP Rights, and Contracts with respect to IP Rights;


○ Labor Disputes: disputes related to Employment by private or public sectors;


○ Torts:  disputes related to Products Liability, Medical Accidents, Transportation Accidents, Environmental Pollutions, and their respective Damages and Compensations;


○ Corporate Disputes: disputes related to Confirmation of Shareholders’ qualification, Contributions of Shareholders made to the Company, Transfer of Shares, Resolution of the Company, Incorporation of the Corporation, Merger and Acquisition, Purchase of a listed company, and liability incurred by damages to shareholders’ interest.

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