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Real Estate and Construction Projects

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Real Estate and Construction Projects


Real Estate and Construction Projects issues are one of the major non-litigation issues that Zhongshan Mingjing deals with. We are familiar with laws, statutes, rules and customary practices. We have successfully handled a large number of legal issues concerning real estate and construction projects, and have rich experience in the whole implementation of construction projects. Our services cover legal issues of a wide range of areas: land expropriation, investment and development, Chinese and foreign designation agreements, tenders and bids, project supervision, implementation of construction projects, supply of devices and facilities, selling agency, sale of houses, property management, hotel management, project financing and project SPVs. Our clients include private corporations and state-owned firms, such as governmental departments, banks, non-bank financial institutions, underwriting companies, and commercial agencies.


We provide services as listed below:


◎Land Investment: investment in lands; land trust circulation; primary land development; land arrangement; removal and resettlement; transfer and lease of collective land rights; development of state-owned lands, and designation of its commercial modes and legal risk control;


◎Development and Management of Real Estate: incorporation of real estate companies or project SPVs; acceptance and approval of the project applications; registration of the presale and sale of residential houses; development, leasing, advertising, and promotion of commercial real estate; management of residential buildings, office building and rental shops; management of home furnishing markets and shopping malls;


◎Transaction and M&A of Real Estate: legal structure of M&A projects concerning real estate; financing of related projects; due diligence investigation; negotiations and documents concerning M&A projects; approval and registration with relevant governmental agencies; taxation issues related to M&A;


◎Re-financing for Real Estate Projects: real estate trusts, asset management plans, the incorporation and issuance of private equity funds; approval and issuance of short term notes and corporate bonds; factoring and financial leases of real estate projects; securitization of assets; designation of transaction structures for estates put on presale or on private equity shares; taxation issues related to financing; 


◎Construction Projects: tender and bids for construction projects; enactment, review and negotiations with respect to agreements concerning designation, supervision, purchase, cost consultation, subcontracting of construction projects; performance and supervision of construction projects agreements; acceptance of construction projects; perfection of internal rules and regulations of the construction company; settlement of disputes concerning performance, compensations, cost, quality, agent construction and settlement of accounts with respect to construction projects; warranty and quality guarantee with respect to construction projects;


◎Construction of Infrastructure Projects: due diligence; designation of investment transaction structures; franchising agreement; management and transfer of infrastructure; urban infrastructural financing models including BT, BOT and PPP.

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