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Banking and Insurance

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Banking and Insurance


◎ Designing transactional ordinary loans, bilateral loans, syndicated loans and their credit structure;


◎ Avoiding and controlling the legal risks of the credit of commercial banks;


◎ Review of law compliance of banking business, including ordinary credit business, trade financing, commodity financing, letter of guarantee, bank factoring, wealth management products of banks, financial retail business, drafting, amendment and updating of transactional standardized paperwork;


◎ Designing the product and legal framework of intermediate business and innovative financial transactions of banks;


◎ International Financial Business: providing legal opinions and suggestions according to regulations of different nations for the bank, participating in designing of legal framework of international financing transaction and guarantee, drafting and amending bilateral loan agreement and transnational guarantee agreement, participating in international negotiation, and issuing legal opinions;


◎ Providing legal services for private banks and foreign banks;


◎ Providing legal services for securitization of credit assets;


◎ Designing the legal framework with respect to management of non-performing assets and restructuring of debts;


◎ Conducting due diligence on non-performing assets and restructuring of debts;


◎ Designing the legal framework, financial instruments and portfolio framework of innovative trusted assets;


◎ Innovative business, such as PE funds and securitization of assets.

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