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Investment Funds

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Investment Funds


◎Assisting in establishing investment funds of all varieties, including but not limited to securities investment funds, venture capital funds, private equity investment funds, government guiding funds, industrial investment funds, real estate trust investment funds, overseas capital pool funds, and foreign currency funds. Designing the framework of funds and drafting of all kinds of relevant documents;


◎Designing of investment of framework for the investment funds to invest in the target firms and providing whole legal services;


◎Designing the incentive and control mechanism for the investment fund managers;


◎Designing the withdrawing mechanism for the investment funds and providing whole legal services;


◎Designing the investment structure and tax planning for overseas programs of investment funds;


◎Providing legal counseling services of investment access to domestic and foreign industries;


◎Settling the disputes related to Valuation Adjustment Mechanisms (VAM);


◎Designing frameworks and programs for subsequent fund raising;


◎Drafting relevant legal documents of fund raising, including prospectus, subscription agreements and confidential agreements;


◎Designing framework and providing legal counselling services for the management of the enterprise after investment;


◎Providing legal services for the invested project to finance and reinvest;


◎Providing legal services concerning the human resource management, brand construction and marketing strategies for the invested enterprises;


◎Providing legal services with asset integration and restructuring for invested programs;


◎Providing legal counselling services for the overseas post-investment program to operate smoothly abroad with legal, cultural and economic circumstances of the host country of investment concerned. 


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