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Equity Incentive and Structural Reform of Enterprise

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Equity Incentive:


◎Conducting due diligence and necessary research on target firms;


◎Designing equity incentive program and performance evaluation system;


◎Drafting resolution of shareholders’ meeting, board resolution, authorizing documents, administrative documents and and other collaborative documents;


◎Assisting in the practice of equity incentive program.


Structural Reforms of Enterprises:


◎Conducting preliminary investigation and research on the target firm;


◎Designing structural reform scheme and employeesettlement scheme;


◎Providing legal opinion of the legal issues regarding to the structural reform;


◎Assisting the enterprise to conduct and enforce the structural reform scheme and dismissed employee settelment scheme;


◎Representing the reformed enterprise in the civil lawsuits and arbitration with respect to delimitation of property rights, recognition of ownership and other relevant issues. 


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