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National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ)

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National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ)


Approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission, Measures for Administration and Registration of OTC Business has been made effective since September 1st, 2015. NEEQ has become a nationwide transaction center for equities in order to reach the similar influence on investors as Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange have been doing. NEEQ aims to serve as an incubator for innovative enterprises in China. Many enterprises, ranging from new energy companies, internet companies to new material companies are all included in NEEQ. without NEEQ raising strict restrictions or requirements on their scale, assets or area of industry. The market, NEEQ, is serving as a financing platform for small and medium-sized companies to reach their innovative goals and make further development.


Since July 2015, Zhongshan Minjing has successfully provided legal services to more than ten companies listed on NEEQ. We are also providing legal services to those companies which are still in the process of applying to be listed on NEEQ. 


We mainly provide services as listed below:


◎Conducting due diligence on the target firm;


◎Drafting relevant paperwork for companies to restructure from a limited liability company into a company limited by shares;


◎Improving the management structure of the firm;


◎Assisting to standardize the business behavior of the firm in order to comply with laws and regulations;


◎Assisting to train directors, supervisors, senior officials of the firm before beginning work;


◎Providing legal opinion for the target firm to be listed or transfer publicly on NEEQ; 


◎Conducting legal investigation and issuing legal opinion for the listed company to refinance, allot shares or do a share issuance;


◎Providing lawyer witness service for the shareholder meeting of listed companies. 


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