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PPP and Mixed Ownership

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PPP and Mixed Ownership


PPP model is a new mechanism that combines the resources of government and private capital to build infrastructure or offer public service. The participating parties all attach importance to the legal practice of contractual rights and legal performance of contractual obligations throughout the whole process of financing, construction, operation and transfer in order to avoid legal risks and take advantage of their own merits.


Since the state has released the policies and regulations encouraging the cooperation between local governments and private capitals, Zhonghan Mingjing has concerned laws, policies and real projects under PPP model and been engaged in researching and participating in the implementation of relevant projects. We mainly provide services as listed below:


◎Assisting private capital to negotiate with government;


◎Assisting in designing and editing the project implementation plans;


◎Assisting private capital to complete legal procedures as purchasing, bid and tender; 


◎Drafting PPP project contracts and paperwork;


◎Designing the transactional pattern of the project;


◎Designing risk distribution mechanism;


◎Developing profit-making pattern for private capital;


◎Assisting private capital to sign contracts with financing parties, contractors, professional operators, raw material suppliers, purchaser of product or service, insurer and other relevant parties; 


◎Determining the transfer plan of the project. 


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