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Labor and Employment

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Labor and Employment


Labor and employment team of Zhongshan Mingjing provides employment-related legal services covering the issues including but not limited to: conclusion, performance, amendment, extension, termination of employment agreements, and other legal issues occurring during the whole process.


We provide services as follows:


◎Legal counselling services;


◎Review of files, including employment contracts, internal rules and regulations, and working procedure documents;


◎Analysis of human resource management risks;


◎Representing clients in arbitrations and litigations;


◎Conciliation services between employers and employees;


◎Legal services to control the risk rising from the management of senior staff and key staff;


◎Legal services to control the risk rising from recruitment of talented employees under competitive conditions;


◎Legal services of layoffs, settlement and Mass Incident;


◎Legal services of democratic administration of the company, such as the function of labor union and worker representative congress; 


◎Legal services of collective consultation and negotiation;


◎Training services in the field of labor law for the human resource staff.  


Features of Service


Meeting the Needs of Clients:

We serve the clients with careful observation of clients’ needs and regard clients’ needs as our very final objective.


Concerning practicability:

Our services are not only based on theoretical studies but more importantly based on the precise analysis of information gained from careful investigations. The careful consideration and analysis of all relevant issues will provide the clients with a solution that is not only lawful but also practical and effective. 



Our services are solution-oriented, which means that our key objective is to analyze the practical legal issues and relevant information and thus provide effective solutions that are compatible with the current legal environment.


Emphasis of assisting enforcement:

We not only submit our reports but also help our clients to take effective actions to achieve a desirable objective. We will determine whether we should participate in the enforcement of the program in a broader way according to the needs and requirements of clients.


Preservation of Secrets:

We strictly preserve business secrets of our clients. We will never disclose secrets and information related to our clients to any other people other than our team members who work for the client, unless the information must be disclosed in public.


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