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Jiangsu zhongshan mingjing young lawyer training program
In order to improve the professional skills and ethics of young lawyers, help and support the healthy growth of young lawyers, store reserves and backbone for law firms, and ensure the long-term development of jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm, this training program is formulated.
This prosperity 】 【 the hui-ming liu was hired as legal advisors jianye district people's government, director of the committee.
On October 31, 2017, held a grand jianye district government appointed a new jianye district government legal advisory committee members opening ceremony! Jiangsu zhong spiegel hui-ming liu, director of the law firm lawyers and other lawyers 11 and 2 scholar was hired as a legal adviser jianye district people's government, wang, deputy district chief made an important speech.
[warm congratulations] director liu huiming and three other lawyers of the firm have been appointed as the fifth arbitrator of nanjing arbitration commission.
On the afternoon of October 25, 2017, the general meeting of the new term of office of nanjing arbitration commission was grandly held in the auditorium of municipal government organs.
Jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm and 20 other law firms have become jiangsu provincial contact points
Recently, 20 law firms including jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm have been selected as the working contact points of the provincial department of justice and the provincial law association according to the relevant requirements of "the work plan of the competent authority for the change of the provincial direct law firm" issued by the department of justice of jiangsu province and the jiangsu lawyers association after research.
Professor Borchers of Creighton university came to our exchange and visit
On the morning of June 1, 2018, lawyer liu huiming, director of our institute, received the visiting group of Creighton university led by professor Borchers in the general office of jiangsu zhongshan mingjing law firm. Professor Borchers visited our institute and listened to the introduction of zhongshan mingjing by lawyer liu huiming. He commended the development achievements of our institute and hoped to carry out exchanges and cooperation in relevant fields.


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