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Intellectual Property Rights


Zhongshan Mingjing has a professional law sector specializing in protection of intellectual property rights, which is led by Mr. Liu Huiming, the managing partner of the law firm. Mr. Liu Huiming, who graduated from Hitotsubashi University of Japan with LLM degree, has published many academic theses concerning intellectual property rights on well-known journals. This team is devoted to research and practices concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, illicit competitions, business secrets, cyber IP rights and other related issues. This team has represented clients in disputes arising out of infringement of trademarks, patents, copyrights, reputation and computer software copyrights. We are rich in practice of law in all the areas with respect to intellectual property rights.



We provide services listed below:


◎Negotiations on transactions of intellectual property rights with relevant agreements or contracts drafted and reviewed;


◎Enactment and enforcement of legal risk control strategies concerning intellectual property rights;


◎Agency for patent application, maintenance, licensing and transfer;


◎Patent appeals, administrative lawsuits, lawsuits concerning infringement of patents;


◎Information retrieval, investigation and supervision of trademarks and patents;


◎Investigation of infringement of trademarks and collection of relevant evidence;


◎Representing clients in relevant trademark issues administered by the Trademark Appraisal Committee of National Administration of Industry and Commerce;


◎Relevant issues concerning international registration of trademarks;


◎Providing counseling services for trademark issues, and drafting legal documents for trademark application and other legal actions;


◎Relevant trademark issues under supervision of State Administration of Industry and Commerce with respect to Madrid international trademark registration;


◎Negotiations, drafting and review with respect to intellectual property contracts;


◎Protection of copyrights and neighboring rights; protection of works of folklore;


◎Protection of software copyrights, registration of computer software copyrights, registration of domain names;


◎Legal actions against piracy and counterfeit;


◎Technology transfer, technology licensing, licensing of operation;


◎Protection of business secrets and legal actions against illicit competition;


◎Protection of intellectual property right of geographical symbols and new species of plants;

◎Protection of integrated circuits.

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