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Social Activities


Zhongshan Mingjing participated in translation, investigation, collection of evidence, academic research with respect to the compensation claims for the losses incurred by the Japanese invasion and atrocity on China. We have exchanged our ideas with lawyers, jurists and judges from Japan about that issue and have served many Japanese lawyers who visited Nanjing, China.


We have been providing our exclusive comments to many mass media in China and meanwhile exclusively interviewed by them, which include but not limited to: People's Daily, Legal Daily, Business Today, Jiangsu Legal News, Oriental GuardianNanjing Morning Post, Jinling Evening, Yangzi Evening, Nanjing People's Broadcasting Station and others. Our lawyers opened a comment column in the Legal Service Times and other mass media, having released more than 50 legal reviews which have been influential all over the nation. Our lawyers also spend their leisure time participating in pro bono legal activities.


Social Responsibility


Our lawyers have held senior positions in many siginificant organizations, such as councilor of China law Society, councilor of China Society of International Economic Law, Secretary General of Association for Chinese Lawyers in Japan, Vice Director of International Law Professional Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Law Society, Vice Director of Criminal Defense Professional Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Law Society, Member of the Second Council of China Law Society, Vice Dean of Hohai University Law School, Member of Jurists' Consulting Team for Trials before Nanjing Intermediate People' s Court, Member of Nanjing Jurists' Team for Governance under Rule of Law by Nanjing Municipal Government, Permanent Councilor of China Administrative Law Society, Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Administrative Law Society, Vice Dean of Medical Affairs Management School of Nanjing Medical University, and arbitrators at multiple arbitration committees.


Recently, Zhongshan Mingjign Law Firm became one of the members of Jiangsu "One Belt One Road" International Legal Services Alliance, trying our best to provide legal support to the "One Belt One Road" initiative and corresponding transnational trade and business. 


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